Bac Ha Market on Sunday

Surrounded by the four sides of immense mountains, hidden in the clouds, thousands of meters high, Bac Ha district is known as a land with scene, flower flavor of temperate domain. Sweet crisp Tam Hoa plum fruit , has become a specialty, is distinct from the name of Bac Ha Plum. Seems to be that the land, and the people … Continued

Can Cau + Bac Ha market (Saturday, Sunday)

Waken up by the footsteps of people walking to the market, and you will be more surprised to enter the market. The whole market looks colorful like flowers. It is getting bigger and bigger, more and more colorful and special when seeing people taking along pigs, cats, buffaloes, horses for sales. After lunch we drive you to Chay River to … Continued

Sapa and Coc Ly market

Although tourism is developing fast in the region, many locals still live a very basic life. Most of them spend all day long working on the fields. It’s so easy to find a small market in any villages; they sell what their families do not need in markets, Cocly market, too. And with the money they make, they buy something … Continued