Fanxipan Express Train

Fanxipan Express Train is able to accommodate 56 berths which are fall into two types, deluxe 2- berth cabins and deluxe 4-berth cabins. The fine combination of luxurious wood-paneled cabins and latest facilities is surely not let passengers down. More notably, private deluxe 2-berth cabins are ideal options for couples in needs of privacy. All cabins are equipped with air conditioners, reading lights, baggage storage, and trunk for suitcase and luggage. There is a mini bar in the corner of each carriage and if you need something, just press the ring in the cabin and you will be served instantly.

Special Note:
- One way tickets are offered.
- 25% discount for passengers aged between 5 years old to 12 years old
- Children under 5 years old don’t have to buy tickets as they could share rooms with their parents.
- Ticket price is inclusive of snack and drinks but exclusive of meals.
- WC is not available in cabins, but there are two WCs for each carriage.

Price (one way per person): $43 (Deluxe) or $90 (VIP)

VIP 1 Cabin – 2 Berths/cabin
VIP 2 Cabin – Private Deluxe Cabin base on 4 Berths/Cabin but 2 upper berths will be removed.
VIP 1 & VIP 2 Cabin is the same class, amenity & price.